• Jump Pack

    Jump Pack

    Jump Pack is a new endless jumping game like you've never seen before. With multiple characters, unlockable weapons and mind blowing graphics, this will be the game that keeps you coming back for more.

  • Cool Free Stuff.

    Cool Free Stuff.

    Unlike most jumping games, Jump Pack has a purpose. During your adventures you collect "gems". With gems you can buy cool items within the game like new levels, characters, guns, clothes and more. Right now there are 27 different items with more being added weekly!

  • Graphics = Mind Blown

    Graphics = Mind Blown

    If you think the graphics are good, wait until you see the gameplay. Jump Pack takes FULL advantage of the iOS Gyroscope and Accelerometer, so the game fluidly "moves" with you as you twist and turn your way to new heights.

  • That Color Looks Great On You!

    That Color Looks Great On You!

    With Jump Pack you can easily customize your male or female hero's helmet, gun and clothes. You can even choose from OVER 16,000,000 colors using the never before seen "color selector".

  • Neverending Land of AWESOME.

    Neverending Land of AWESOME.

    Unlock cool levels like the "Jungle" level and the soon to be released "Pyramids". Updates are free. Always.

Who Doesn't Like JetPacks?

No one. That's who.